West Mediterranean Charter
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Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Propriano, Porto Vecchio, Porto Cervo, Capri, Portofino…

These are only a few of an endless list of destinations that have our most seasoned charter clients return again and again to make new discoveries or visit their old favorites!


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French Riviera

From the chic sophistication of Monaco with her 700-year history, Casinos and world-famous restaurants to the bustle of the Cannes with her film festival, fine sand beaches and great shopping, the South of France is the unrivalled luxury destination that will cease to impress even the most seasoned charterer.


The Italian Riviera is the playground of Italy’s  rich and famous. From Portofino and her pastel coloured waterfront houses to Cinque Terre the coastline is elegant, suave and refined.

The Amalfi Coast is a beguiling and dramatic scene of coastal mountains plunging vertically into a deep blue sea.  Add to that a variety of picturesque towns, lush forests, olive groves, vineyards and superb restaurants to fulfill your sailing fantasies.

The neighbouring Pontine Islands abound with wild herbs and flowers, secluded beaches, delightful grottoes and although popular with the Italians are still relatively undiscovered by foreigners

The Napoleon coast includes Capri, Ischia, Amalfi, Ravello and Positano and is abundant both in charm and in history.


Sicily and the Lipari islands are wild, simple and at the crossroads of Mediterranean culture where East meets West

Charterers will find a stunning array of Arab domes & arches, Byzantine mosaics, baroque  stucco work and Norman palace walls. The drama of Stromboli erupting against the evening sky suggests a sense of drama and history lurking around the next corner.

Often forgotten by charters as Sicily is somewhat ‘off the beaten trails’, the history and stunning landscapes are only second to some of the best diving locations in the entire Mediterranean.


Anchor in Costa Smeralda’s scalloped bay and revel in the whitest of white sand beaches and emerald green waters; this is the place of quintessential luxury.

With the underwater Nereo Cave and Nora’s submerged Roman ruins, Sardinia is a paradise for water sport enthusiasts.

Often forgotten by charterers, the rest of the island is ancient and rich in history and legend with settlements dating back to the Neolithic Age.


Famous as Napoleon’s birthplace and where Admiral Nelson lost an eye, Corsica is nature at her best with breathtaking red cliffs diving into a navy blue sea.

The West coast is wild and savage and entering the harbour of Bonifacio between gigantic rocks is event that will amaze even your most seasoned charter guest.

The East cost is rich with secluded bays near Porto-Vecchio, but you may simply find cruising perfection in one of the Lavezzi islands…


Whether you are looking for the party atmosphere of Ibiza or the unbelievable shades of azure, turquoise, and lapis-lazuli waters washing onto white sand beaches, the Balearics have just the right thing for everyone.

In search of tranquillity? – The rugged and rocky north coast punctuated by small scenic coves, offer some of the best off-the-beaten-track beaches in the Mediterranean.

In search of energy? – Take a leisurely stroll on the secluded beaches of Formentera and Cabrera before returning to Ibiza to party the night away!


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