Our Vision of Yachting
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Supertoys Monaco is a corporation dedicated to the passionate, the iconoclasts, the resolute, the determined, the thinkers, the potential partners, and true believers.

Our style is not for everyone; we move ahead when we see the potential. We are straightforward, discreet and tactical. Some don’t get our vision; those who understand us do .

Insatiable overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win. Many of us are ex-sailors, businessmen, artists. Most of us have searched for an ideal before. Each individual shares the mindset of an entrepreneur with an addiction for success in all they undertake, and we understand what it means to sail the route not travelled before.

Our crew is small. We prefer fewer people with diverse skills focused on a small number of market opportunities, always mindful of learning from the past.

We are serious about our work, and carefully choose the words to describe it. We assume terms such as «Commission» or «Exclusivity» are no longer relevant and we prove it.

And while we are sometimes called underdogs, we don’t see that as a problem. We consider ourselves more as visionaries and partners for the long term.

Our ultimate goal is to build bridges and guide daring entrepreneurs and yacht owners to be masters of their own future.