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For those looking for adventure beyond the traditional cruising grounds of the Caribbean and Mediterranean, turn your attention further afield where you will find coastlines offering an endless supply of attractions and activities. Whether your passion is for endless sports activities, rest and recuperation in exotic surroundings, or a cultural thrill, the vast and varied cruising grounds bring you a true taste of the spirit of adventure.


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The magnificent fjords of the Baltic Sea and ancient castles with stunning vistas of the North Sea offer secluded cruising grounds and stunning views. Explore the diverse landscapes spanning glaciers and waterfalls.


A pocket of the world that time forgot, the Galapagos Islands offer a unique opportunity to step back to a world as it may have been before humans walked the earth. It is also an eye-popping example of how species co-exist with their environment, a remarkable experience for anyone, but for nature-lovers it is truly spectacular. Prepare to encounter landscapes of wild mangroves, volcanic summits, inland lagoons, cliffs and coasts, and spend days exploring pirate hideouts, spotting dolphins, whales, penguins and giant tortoises, and snorkelling coral reefs amid sea lions, seals and turtles.


Waking up and opening the blinds to the dramatic scenery of Antarctica is an unbeatable way to start the day aboard your super yacht. Strangely shaped glaciers sparkle like diamonds in the awe-inspiring frozen desert, magnificent creatures drift in the watery depths and icy cliffs stand majestically beside the shores. The enormity of this vast wilderness is best experienced by yacht along the breath-taking cruising grounds, from the spectacular scenery of the aptly names Paradise Island to the narrow waterways between the cliffs and Booth Island beneath skies lit up by the Southern Lights, every sight will waken the senses.


If you’re looking for a unique cruising experience, the remarkable underwater worlds around and beyond the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf make for an unusual and enchanting vacation. The Middle East is a fascinating part of the world, with biblical, cultural and natural wonders in abundance that offer some of the globes best diving areas. Catch a sunset over the Gulf of Aqaba at just the right moment and you get the gist of why the Red Sea is so aptly named. As the sun catches on the scarlet mountains either side of this ten-mile stretch of water, the sea simmers deep red with their reflection.


From the ruggedly beautiful terrain and pristine beaches of the Eastern Cape to the world-class city of Cape Town, with its stunning diverse landscape, offering world-class wineries, there are few better ways to experience the unique beauty and culture of South Africa than by luxury yacht.


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