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Cala del Forte

Cala del Forte Ventimiglia: Operational in 2018

After many months of surveying and negotiating, the SMIP (Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire), subsidiary of Monaco’s SEPM (Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco), completed the acquisition of Cala del Forte S.R.L. on December 6th 2016.

In 2010, the Cozzi Parodi Group was granted an 85 year concession for the development of Cala del Forte Marina in Ventimiglia.

Unfortunately, the construction has been on hold for the past 5 years.

The SEPM saw a great opportunity in this project, as the Ports of Monaco wished to export its port management know-how and were eager to increase its ability to welcome yachts.
This marina project has unique advantages:

  • By its position: The marina is very well sheltered in all weather conditions
  • By its location: The unique road-access, via tunnel, makes the marina particularly secure
  • By its design: The location and shape of the outer walls provide excellent shelter for the boats and allow water to circulate efficiently throughout the marina.
  • And of course, by its proximity to Monaco (8 nautical miles) which should facilitate synergies with Port Hercule and the Port of Fontvieille.


Rendering of Cala del Forte Marina V2

Monaco’s new Marina: Cala del forte

A new marina for summer 2018

SMIP is making every effort to ensure that all berths and quays in Cala del Forte will be fully operational by the 2018 season. Commercial buildings, shops, and underground parking facilities shall be completed by summer 2019. Though the previous developer had carried out 40% of the works, the construction companies contracted by Monaco are taking on a substantial challenge: The works which had been put on hold for years are now resuming in February 2017, with no further delays. (Access the marina’s page).

In the world of yachting, misinformation can spread fast and can at times be blatantly inaccurate. This is sometimes referred to as “Jungle Drums”. In the months preceding the acquisition of Cala del Forte by SMIP, one of the most widespread rumours on both sides of the French-Italian border was that “Monaco wished to acquire the port of Ventimiglia in order to dump rocks and fill material from Monaco’s upcoming land-reclamation project of the Portier.
This is certainly not the case:

  • With the short timeframe to complete the marina construction of Cala del Forte, using the site to build the Portier Cove (which is due in 2025) is out of the question;
  • How could the Italian authorities and the town of Ventimiglia have accepted to put Cala del Forte at the disposal of the Principality for that purpose, only to further delay the completion of the marina?;
  • The fill material for the Portier Cove are indeed going to be shipped to Monaco by sea, but not via Ventimiglia;
  • Finally, SEPM and SMIP are not involved in the construction of the land reclamation project.

New Berths available for purchase

Long-term berth lease contracts will be available to be purchased in the new marina for vessels up to 60 meters in length and for a duration that should not exceed 40 years.

The managing company, strong of its experience in operating the ports of the Principality, and aware of the challenges faced by the “amodiation” system, wishes to ensure the long-term stability of Cala del Forte. In many other marinas where a majority of berths have been sold to private individuals, obstacles to effectively manage the port have been faced by some concessionary companies. For example, some marinas have very few berths available for visiting yachts or boats in transit as most of their berths are occupied by a resident fleet.

The SMIP does not wish to reproduce this error, and has limited the number of berths for “sale” to long-term leaseholders.

New Layout Cala Del Forte Marina - Variante 2

How to acquire a berth in Cala del Forte

It has been confirmed to us by the directors of the SEPM, that Supertoys Monaco is the sole company authorized to promote sales in Cala del Forte.

For any further information regarding the purchase of long-term leases in Ventimiglia, you are invited to contact

Mr Jordan Waugh of Supertoys Monaco at

or by telephone on +377 97 77 48 00.

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